About Us

At Argus Asset Management, we develop, provide, and maintain residential properties to quality tenants. For our clients and partners, this results in optimized tenant retention, less turnover, and higher incidence of lease renewals.
Additionally, we maximize revenue by optimizing rent rolls, reducing vacancies, updating buildings and units, and utilizing industry leading marketing, pricing, and sales strategies to build communities together.

Argus Pie Chart: What we do

Real Estate Private Equity

Argus Asset Management is a boutique real estate private equity company. We boost our clients’ and partners' bottom line by optimizing their revenue, executing growth strategies, pricing, and sales.
Boasting over a decade of experience with a vast network of subcontractors and business partners, we know exactly where to look and how to deploy our resources to boost an investment's performance.


Aggregate Market Value of Assets Under Management and Underwritten Transactions


Located Across the United States


Number of Units Managed

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Our Pricing Plans


1-9 Doors. Complete services for accounts less than ten residential units.

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10-19 Doors. Complete services for accounts holding between ten and nineteen residences.

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20-30 Doors. Complete services for accounts holding between twenty and thirty residences.

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31+ Doors. Complete services for accounts with over thirty-one residences.

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* price per month is calculated on gross monthly total rent and does not include fees (including but not limited to: set up fees, maintenance markup, tenant placement, evictions and reimbursements for incidental costs incurred such as permit fees, inter alia).
Our Values

Ethical, people-focused management practices

At Argus Asset Management, we strive to provide the best living conditions to quality tenants. We work with our residents to find solutions to their needs and requests. For our clients, this results in optimal tenant retention leading to less turnover, and a higher incidence of lease renewals. For each account we choose to accept, we pledge to:

  • Maintain ethical business practices.
  • Protect the Environment. We pledge to minimize our carbon emissions and obtain LEED certification for qualified properties within t+15.
  • Deliver consistency.
  • Commit no waste. Increase revenue and reduce and decrease unnecessary costs ensuring a net increase in your bottom line without compromising quality living conditions for our residents.

We are open and honest in our communication

We believe transparency is key. Our weekly team meetings span across all practice sectors to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Experience Through Practice

With an intimate knowledge of all the assets in our portfolios, we seek to learn every aspect of an investment.

Our Real Estate, Finance, and Legal professionals have extensive experience in both the fundamental and complex areas of finance, graduating from fortune 500 Companies, private equity firms, construction litigation practices, and commercial real estate holdings companies. Our professionals have experience specifically geared toward the real estate sector. Through their experience, our team is able to ensure that you maximize your bottom line, leaving no money on the table.