Talent Management

Talent is an asset. Treat it like one.

Focus on doing what you do best, let us handle the rest.

Whether it's in entertainment or investments, you need to know your rights and obligations before entering any agreement.

With experience in contracts and a thorough understanding of business and negotiation tactics, our priority is to protect our clients' interests on every deal.

We structure our representation agreements to ensure that we only succeed if our clients do. Alignment is important, because, when we have skin in the game, we work toward the same goal.


Our team has an expansive network with access to executives that span the sports and entertainment industry.


Navigating the world of entertainment may seem overwhelming. Often, talented individuals seeking to break into the industry feel discouraged because they don't know where to start. We work with talent to develop and execute a path toward success.


Contracts can be intimidating and confusing. Who has time to review and understand all that "legalese"?

We've read thousands of contracts. We're pretty fluent in legalese.


Understand your commitments, create and market your artist reel or portfolio, and coordinate a schedule with labels, studios, networks, and front offices.


Management with strong business acumen can make all the difference when entering a talent services agreement.

Our team has a strong background in negotiations - from business deals to dispute resolution.  

Know your worth, and ensure you're getting top-dollar for your work!


Have you ever felt pressure to agree to something to avoid the anxiety associated with thought of asking simple questions? 
We know how that feels.

Our friendly, accessible team is with you every step of the way, so you feel comfortable during the entire process.

Reach a successful, informed agreement.

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