Real Estate Investment Services

As an emerging private equity company, we offer private investment opportunities to accredited investors in joint ventures. We also facilitate leasing and purchase and sales of real property through our subsidiary real estate brokerage.

Add Value, Not Work.

Optimizing the performance of an asset is all we do. Let us handle it.

Property Management

We take care of day-to-day operations from rent collection, posting notices, city inspections, hearing appearances (pro se), local ordinance compliance, repair and maintenance, accounting, and marketing and leasing.

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Targeted Investment Screening

In-house diligence for certain aspects of screening target properties allows us to allocate more capital toward priority line items.

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Private Capital

Private offerings are open to accredited investors through a closed-end fund. This process cuts out delays generally associated with alternative investments vehicles.

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Acquisition and Development

Our relationships with local contractors and 'community leader' salespersons allow us to source a specific risk profile: opportunistic targets for value-add investments.

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Investment Partnerships

We offer joint venture general partner sponsor services in Real Estate syndications.

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Sugar Realty, a wholly owned subsidiary of Argus Asset Management, is an in-house real estate brokerage through which we source target acquisitions.

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Property Management


The emergence of new laws and regulations in response to Covid-19 has made simple property management an esoteric and complex practice area with constantly shifting and heavily regulated State, Local, and Federal ordinances and mandates which require a higher level oversight and continuing education. We monitor the shifting regulatory landscape to ensure that legislative and political risk is factored into our operations and remain prepared to adjust our procedures as changes arise.


Investors know that Rental and Other income, repair and maintenance expenses, operating expenses, capital improvements, depreciation, proper appraised values, and good book keeping are paramount to optimizing a property's year end performance -- especially when it comes to tax liability. Ensuring these are done correctly, with a focus on a specialized geographic location gives us the advantage of knowing the local landscape and how to optimize deductions and preferential tax treatment.

Marketing and Leasing

Occupancy is the one of the most important factors in real estate investment. Using the latest technologies in marketing such as the employment of drones to capture aerial footage, the production of professional quality video, and the utilization of 3D cameras to create virtual walk-through tours, we practice the most efficient marketing techniques to ensure a higher ratio of interested and qualified prospect outreach, further allowing for owner-end selectivity during the application selection process.

Investment Screening

Our Comprehensive Diligence Memorandums are available for purchase on the retail level, and incorporate:

  • Physical Due Diligence
  • Legal Due Diligence
  • Financial Due Diligence

These are scaled in price according factors which include target acquisition size, purpose and scope of diligence, and complexity, including but not limited to confidentiality and scope of any NDA and any protections against usurping of corporate opportunities that may be requested for an additional fee. This is not intended to substitute your own independent review. All investments carry risk. please have a lawyer and or qualified fiduciary review any information contained within our investor memorandums. This in no way guarantees a warranty for accuracy of information sourced from reputable third parties, although we, in good faith use prudent and best efforts to procure reasonably reliable information. We are not a law firm nor represent ourselves to provide legal or otherwise fiduciary services that require a licensed professional designation for hire with the exception of the facilitation of Real Estate Transactions incidental to the General Partnership services we provide in sponsoring syndications.

Preliminary area analysis developments and building plans in the neighboring area will affect the value of the property‍

  • Crime and sex offense registry,
  • 10-year plan check with city land and zoning department,
  • Zoning land and zoning department for the current 10-year plan,
  • R&M estimations,
  • Encroachments, lateral, and subjacent support,
  • Insurance claim reports,
  • Appraisals

Checking for developments and building plans in the neighboring areas of target properties that may affect the value of a target property.
Formal inspection and appraisals are done through third party contractors.

Utilizing comparable rates in your properties' area, we are able to show you where your property ranks amid current market conditions in terms of gross rental income, and where your loss to lease (LtL) is.


Through a Cash Flow Analysis, we show where a property can improve, whether a property is under-performing, and the most cost-efficient way to help you optimize your bottom line.

Our Cash flow analysis incorporates:

  • Rental income
  • Tax liability
  • Repair estimates
  • Principle and interest rates on the mortgage loans

Backed by graduates from the the top law schools in the United States, and seasoned litigation and transactional attorneys, we take a liability-focused approach from the very beginning.

This provides an extra layer of liability insulation to our clients or partners. However, we cannot and do not warrant nor guarantee any claim of zero liability. We are not a law firm nor do we represent ourselves to provide legal or otherwise fiduciary services that require a licensed professional designation for hire with the exception of the facilitation of Real Estate Transactions incidental to the General Partnership services we provide in sponsoring syndications.

Raising Capital

Private Investment Opportunities

Argus Asset Management is a Real Estate Private Equity Firm. As such, we offer exclusive investment opportunities to Accredited Investors who meet certain criteria which qualifies them to participate in our offerings due to the level of knowledge necessary to understand the risks associated with certain investment vehicles and their characteristics. Accredited Investors that receive an invitation to participate in a venture with Argus Asset Management enroll as Limited Partners and do not participate in management decisions. Our Limited Partners are bound to Non-Disclosure Agreements as part of their Private Placement Agreements. Our limited partners have access to Confidential Investor Memorandums containing proprietary business information and confidential trade secrets.

Closed-End Fund

The nature of the offerings presented in our funds' portfolios have a 'closed-end fund' designation. These positions are available only to those participants during the offering period, and may not be sold or transferred on a secondary market.

Acquisition and Development

At Argus Asset Management, we target value-add and 'opportunistic' properties. We seek properties with upside potential with the expectation that at the end-term disposition of a fund will result in increased value. Investors may decide to cash-out, or buy out the other partners and hold the property into perpetuity. As with any investment, nothing is guaranteed. Typically, value-addition fund profiles are considered by industry professionals to be medium-to-high risk investments.

Our funds specialize in three property types, allowing us to focus our experience in navigating and understanding the requirements of their characteristics.

  • Single Family Residential (SFR)
  • Multifamily Residential (MFR)
  • Community Association Properties

We look at development potential, remodel operations, local building codes, and zoning, among many other factors.

Because we specialize in a specific geographic location, we consider ourselves uniquely qualified to provide familiar assumptions to our analyses of market comparables, including rental estimates and loss to lease.

Local knowledge of contractors, developers, permitting, and compliance procedures in the greater Los Angeles area gives us an advantage that allows our team to:

  • Shop the lowest interest rates for debt,
  • Classify and allocate funds to minimize costs and maximize revenue,
  • Generate realistic assumptions to CAPEX and financial model inputs.

Having professionals that source and originate mortgages, we know how to deal with financing, banks, and finding the best prevailing interest rates.
Our relationships with mortgage brokers also allow us to find bulk rates for loans ranging from conforming to jumbo and commercial on SFR and MFR properties alike.


Sugar Realty, a wholly owned subsidiary of Argus Asset Management, is an in-house real estate brokerage through which we source target acquisitions. Facilitating deals from initial purchase to final disposition, transaction costs are built-in to the DCF model. Additional benefits of having an in-house brokerage include the capture of transaction volume, and partial reinvestment of broker commissions which increases IRR.

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